Sweet, earthy and spicy, galangal oozes mystic and charisma. Closely related to Turmeric and Ginger, this beautiful rhizome has a very special and unique personality.

Galangal is used extensively in Hoodoo to increase psychic abilities, hex breaking, sex magic and is believed to offer strong protection against evil. It’s one of the 4 magical ingredients used in the biblical Abramelin Oil or the Holy oil of inspiration, along with Myrrh, cinnamon and olive oil.

Besides it’s myriad of esoteric uses, Galangal is AMAZING for your skin. It contains antioxidants, which protect against ageing and stop free radicals damaging cells. It also works to boost skins natural hyaluronic acid production, which helps to reduces wrinkles and plumps up the skin. It’s also been studied extensively for its potent anti cancer potential.

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