What does artisanal mean?

The meaning of Artisanal

Let's start by talking about artisanal perfume. Basically, artisanal perfume is a perfume that is blended by hand in small batches. I recently read a beautiful description saying artisanal perfume is "woven together by hands using natural oils and traditional techniques". I love this description and I believe it very succinctly sums up how we choose to create our perfumes and products.
Artisanal perfume made with botanical natural ingredients. Byredo bottle
One of the things that makes Saarti products unique and special is that we make our products by hand in small batches, where possible incorporating traditional and ancient methods. In a world of machines, capitalism and chemicals we opt for slow made, natural products with the intention to do no harm and contribute positively to all people and the earth itself. We are artisans and we are proud to support other artisans in our community, like the ceramic jars we use for our candles, the women who masterfully weave our eco-friendly smok box packaging and the farmers who grown and distill our essential oils. We hope that when possible, you too will choose to support artisans in your community and celebrate artisanal, slow made, sustainable products.